What is Business Sustainability – Really?

Many people and businesses think sustainability is about green initiatives and saving the environment. That is just one very small component of what business sustainability really is. A more well rounded definition would be: Sustainability is an increase in productivity and/or reduction in consumed resources without compromising product or service quality, company competitiveness, or a [...]

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Leadership and Sustainability

How would you define the difference between leadership and management? Our thought is leadership should be focused on the future, innovation, where the organization is headed, as well as determining what are the right things for the organization to do. Management’s role is to do the right things now. Senior leadership’s commitment to a strategy [...]

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A Case Study for Sustainability

Berea College located in Berea Kentucky, founded in 1855, employs 485 people. Berea is one of seven work colleges in the national Work Colleges Consortium. The college focuses on providing a strong academic program as well as a holistic approach to social and environmental issues. Berea is unique in that it charges no tuition and [...]

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Sustainability: The Competitive Advantage

Unless forced by regulation many small to mid-sized organizations may only consider the adoption of a sustainability strategy based on documented financial value. Often leadership considers the principle objective of the organization to be profitability, and they see new or stricter environmental regulations and/or higher demands from customers and stakeholder about sustainable products and services [...]

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Sustainability Roadmap

In the Harvard Business Review article The Sustainability Imperative, authors David Lubin and Daniel Esty wrote, “Most executives know that how they respond to the challenge of sustainability will profoundly affect the competitiveness and perhaps the survival of their organizations. Yet most are flailing around, launching a hodgepodge of initiatives without any overreaching vision or [...]

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Sustainability Makes Sense for Small Business

Market changes and economic challenges can greatly impact small business as well as create constraints that typically do not impact larger companies. So with today’s challenges creating a strategy of business sustainability is more important than ever before. Committing to a strategy of sustainability includes a commitment to developing and growing your employees, making sure [...]

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Be a Sustainable Organization Through Customer Loyalty

Significant changes in customer retention rates have resulted in extraordinary improvements in profitability. One survey found that a 5% increase in customer retention consistently resulted in a 25% to 100% increase in profits. These almost unbelievable results would suggest that there must be a powerful force, (your emotional connection to your customer) which needs to [...]

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Balancing Your Business

Business leaders are currently balancing four different business contexts: The world as they knew it before the downturn. The downturn itself. The world in front of them as they look for new growth and opportunities for innovation. What will the next decade bring as far as additional change and opportunity. Some organizations are literally stuck [...]

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Initiating a Strategy of Sustainability

Building and growing a financially viable business and committing to environmental issues that are sustainable go hand in hand. Building a sustainable business is often described as: What will your business look like in 25 years? Can you envision that future? What products or services will your company be known for or provide? What will [...]

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A Vision for Sustainability

Sustainability began with the concept of being ‘green,’ becoming more environmentally friendly, and paying more attention to conserving our planet’s resources. However, sustainability has become much more than that. Sustainability is a viable and proven business strategy, which takes into account economic considerations, governmental issues, as well as demands from customers and stakeholders. The base [...]

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